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MedEngine Copenhagen office


Charming office space in the heart of town



We designed MedEngine's new office in Copenhagen, Denmark. MedEngine has grown from Finland and also expanded to offices in Sweden and Denmark. We went to Denmark to help them search for and evaluate potential office spaces, just like we did in Helsinki a few years back. We found a beautiful space for them in the historic center of town, sandwiched between the main shopping street Strøget and the university, with a vibe that matches their office in Helsinki.



MedEngine DK Aps


Indre By, Copenhagen, Denmark



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Direktørsnegl "boss snail"

Photos of HKI office

MedEngine Copenhagen office entrance sign
MedEngine Copenhagen office meeting room blue
MedEngine Copenhagen office meeting room light

Bringing out the soul

We strive to find the best spaces and bring out our clients’ soul into the designs, so that the end result feels recognisably and comfortably theirs. There’s an impressive selection of beautiful options in Copenhagen, but in the end we were charmed by this space's old architecture and details. The goal with MedEngine's offices has been to mix cozy Nordic ambience with elegant Italian design, and elevate it with its own Danish flavour. The interior is minimalistic and atmospheric, and even though the furniture choices are a bit atypical for an office space, all of it still feels very functional and easy.

MedEngine Copenhagen office workspace
MedEngine Copenhagen office cosy corner
MedEngine Copenhagen office meeting room light
MedEngine Copenhagen office meeting room blue

Designing from a distance

By creating a full virtual 3D-model, we were able to easily make a holistic plan of the space with minimal on-site visits. This means less travel emissions caused by the project. Even though it was designed from a distance, we felt it's important to remember to respect the original architecture of a building, and create an interior that can sustainably stand the test of time. We’re very proud of the fact that the office looks and feels very much like MedEngine, almost as if the company had always been there.

MedEngine Copenhagen office coffee corner
MedEngine Copenhagen office workspace details
MedEngine Copenhagen office meeting room soft
MedEngine Copenhagen office meeting room blue

Photos by Esa Kapila

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