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Supermetrics - office

Blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors


We designed Supermetrics' new rooftop office in Helsinki. Supermetrics offers marketing analytics tools and is Finland's 3rd fastest growing company. Their office is located right in the busiest part of downtown Helsinki, with views from their terrace across the city. The space, which used to house a windowless gym, was renovated from top to bottom (and even more) to suit Supermetrics' needs. The office is famous for its natural jungle vibe, unique meeting rooms and of course the sauna with a view.



Supermetrics Oy


Helsinki, Finland




1615m² + 250m² terrace

Work hard

Finland's 3rd fastest growing company

Play hard

Beer tap & basketball arcade game

Supermetrics office workspace
Supermetrics office game play area

Building an indoor garden

Plants and greenery pour into the office from outdoors to create a park-like atmosphere. Biophilic design seamlessly connects this indoor garden concept with nature, and the spaces are designed to adjust the time of day and seasons outside. Trees grow in the open office area, moss installations and green walls bring life to all surfaces, and the multipurpose terrace offers space to grow flowers, herbs or fruit & veg.

Supermetrics office event space kitchen
Supermetrics office workspace bubble chair
Supermetrics office workspace jungle lounge
Supermetrics office outdoor rooftop terrace

Definitely not boring

The activity-based office is split into two main zones: the quiet focus zone & the lively social zone. The atmosphere of the zones is guided by the different ceiling colours. The social zone is designed specifically to be playful and never boring. Each meeting room has its own concept and style. They solve different needs; whether it be bouncing ideas around in a foam pit, swinging those ideas into motion, collaborative problem solving in tetris or creating new strategies in the sauna cabinet as is typical in Finland.

Supermetrics office meeting room swing chairs
Supermetrics office meeting room tetris
Supermetrics office meeting room foam cube superlon
Supermetrics office meeting room zen moss green
Supermetrics office meeting room sauna cabinet
Supermetrics office meeting room cinema

Sauna, superheroes and socialising

The sauna plays an important part in Finnish culture, and that is reflected in Supermetrics' rooftop sauna & spa spaces. We designed custom changable laser-cut signs to indicate when the sauna is for women, men or mixed. The signs depict the custom-drawn superheroes we made for them, which are also printed on custom acoustic panels in the phone booths. Elements we created specifically for them don't end here. There are custom slippers, towels, glasses as well as graphics for the basketball arcade, among others. Details matter.

Supermetrics office rooftop sauna custom lasercut wood sign superhero
Supermetrics office rooftop sauna
Supermetrics office toilet wc bathroom green
Supermetrics office toilet wc tiles

An office that creates joy

This communal office offers a lot of opportunities for use outside of regular work hours to improve the spaces' usage efficiency. The social zone is great for hosting larger events or just enjoy an evening with colleagues. Supermetrics' office offers many luxuries, from soft gradient carpet flooring to a beer tap and wine cooler. The idea is also to make regular work hours just a little bit better than in the average office.

Supermetrics office phone booth custom superhero
Supermetrics office meeting room swing custom wood panel
Supermetrics office corridor
Supermetrics office event space kitchen lounge

Photos by Esa Kapila

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