Oriflame showroom

Oriflame showroom


Fresh & memorable eye-candy space for a multinational cosmetics brand


We designed Oriflame's new showroom and lounge in Helsinki. Oriflame is a cosmetics brand with a lot of history, looking to refresh its brand and have a showroom that would attract younger generation too. The idea for the space is to act as the physical touchpoint for the brand for various groups and events. The showroom is headlined by the massive stone tablet, and supported by the mirrored surfaces and soft flowing curtains, creating a haptic feel.



Oriflame Oy


Helsinki, Finland




Domestic granite

How much it rocks

Almost 300kg

Custom displays

Adaptable for all occasions

Oriflame showroom design curtains mirror
Oriflame showroom design pink podium
Oriflame showroom design rock podium

Design guided by visitor experience

The showroom must offer visitors something that an online store or a catalogue could never achieve. A memorable experience is created through the possibility to touch and feel the products and sensory elements like stone. The showroom also has a make-up testing point and a lounge with refreshments, to allow for an unhurried session for visitors, influencers and photo shoots. The design is a juxtaposition of materials with mirror surfaces, curtains, natural domestic stone and hand-built custom display elements.

Oriflame showroom design waiting corner plants
Oriflame showroom design display mirror
Oriflame showroom design display stands
Oriflame showroom design pink podium full

Flexible yet presentable, with only the select few on display

Oriflame has hundreds of products and many sub-brands, so the showroom was designed to flexibly and stylishly showcase any small selection at once. Whether it be a single event, a campaign or a certain time of year, the other products can remain neatly hidden inside the custom furniture. With a digital display also camouflaged behind the curtain, advertising can be implemented on a need-only basis or with customised content for more effect. With these principles in mind, the showroom avoids all the pitfalls of a traditional over-advertised and disorganised store design.

Oriflame showroom design wall shelving display
Oriflame showroom design sofa lounge
Oriflame showroom design kitchen corridor
Oriflame showroom design rock podium space

Photos by Esa Kapila

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