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We designed Howspace's new office spaces in Helsinki. Howspace is a SaaS-company that offers a collaboration & transformation platform for organisations. As collaboration is their bread and butter, their office was designed to be a hub for interaction & teamwork that invites everyone to co-create. As a remote-first company, the new HQ needed to offer something special. The interior is bold, creative and colourful. The concept is inspired by the spectrum of natural light from dawn to dusk.



Howspace Oy


Helsinki, Finland




~30 of total 100

Colour inspiration

From dawn to dusk

Office's purpose

Foster shared culture

Howspace office design office kitchen lounge coworking space
Howspace office design kitchen lounge
Howspace office design collaborative working area

Zoning with purpose

The office is divided into different areas for collaboration and interaction. There are various co-working spaces, lounges, meeting rooms and individual booths. All the rooms are designed with remote meeting suitability in mind. The largest meeting room has a custom podium and multicamera AV-setup for live streaming sessions. As a remote-first company, the office space must be inviting and inspiring, yet simultaneously efficient. The interior has been designed to be communal, relaxed and fresh, yet with a bold colour scheme showcasing the different colours of sunlight throughout the day - from the bright hues of dawn to the deeper shades of sunset, and those elusive blue moment and golden hour vibes.

Howspace office design studio meeting room
Howspace office design graphic signage
Howspace office design collaborative meeting room
Howspace office design room

Maximum effect with less renovation

As the space had already been previously renovated, the aim was to create the maximum effect with small changes. The concept was implemented mostly through furniture, colour and textile choices. This way any needless ecological impact of re-renovating was reduced. While the interior may be untraditional, the furniture was designed to be functional, scalable and adaptable, so that they will work for future uses and in the next office as well. Rugs over the basic gray carpeting bring colour and softness. The funky curtains and colourful window film on the glass walls allows for a balance of visibility and privacy, without boxing people into separate allotments.

Howspace office design kitchen lounge coworking space
Howspace office design phonebooth
Howspace office design lounge
Howspace office design kitchen lounge

Photos by Esa Kapila

Behind the scenes


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