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Mint & More is a bold and bubbly design agency based in Helsinki. We help businesses succeed by designing unique concept-driven spaces and brand experiences. Our design digs deeper, solving problems from the core to the surface. Let’s make the world a comfier place one space at a time. We promise to offer inspiring ideas right from our first meeting!

What we believe



Spaces must serve the people who spend time there. We design sustainable and inclusive surroundings to foster happy experiences.



Spaces should have a soul. We tailor concepts to express your values, brand and organisational culture.



Detailed design and precise communication are key to creating perfection within budget. We are your partner from start to finish.

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Who we are

Interior Architect Roosa Riski

Roosa Riski

Interior Architect / Founder


Roosa is an enthusiastic designer and interior architect. She has studied at the Lahti Institute of Design and the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. She specialises in summarising visual ideas and the stories behind them into unique concepts. Roosa is responsible for the visual design and technical implementation of our projects.


p. 040 536 4416


Interior Architect Heli Koskinen

Heli Koskinen

Interior Architect


Heli is an interior architect and designer from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Heli is an experienced and empathetic designer of public spaces. She is a CAD-wizard who can conjure up blueprints in an instant. Heli brings positivity and enthusiasm while steering any project.


(On parental leave)



Designer Bea Sävikari

Bea Sävikari



Bea is a designer, interior architect and Master of Arts from Aalto University and London’s Central Saint Martins. She is equipped with relentless curiosity and a broad background from carpentry to visual arts. Bea creates extraordinary spaces and wow-moments that call to be experienced.


p. 045 124 1511


Interior Architect Laura Kuusajoki

Laura Kuusajoki

Interior Architect


Laura is an interior architect and designer from the Lahti Institute of Design. Laura has a passion for sustainable design and eco-friendly materials. Laura creates timeless interiors with a strong sense of style. She always manages to scout the best vintage finds.


(On parental leave)



Graphic Designer Riku Tuppela

Riku Tuppela

Graphic Designer


Riku is a graphic designer from the Lahti Institute of Design. Riku is a passionate and versatile creator of brand identities full of life and wit. He is able to integrate graphic elements seamlessly into physical environments and create exciting digital looks and websites.




Strategist Kristian Linnoinen

Kristian Linnoinen

Strategist / Founder


Kride is a passionate service designer and strategist. He has a background in Hospitality Management (BBA) from Haaga- Helia and Strategy (MSc) at Aalto University. Before Mint & More, he ran an international growth company. Kride ensures that our design creates meaningful customer experiences that suit our clients’ businesses.


p. 040 749 3838


Interior Designer Marini Järvenpää

Marini Järvenpää



Marini is a graphic designer and interior architect from Metropolia UAS. Marini combines her background of graphic- and interior design to create bold visual environments. She is a curious and analytical problem solver, and developed into our resident 3D-modelling guru.


p. 044 973 7737


Interior Designer Anna Rissanen

Anna Rissanen

Interior Architect


Anna is an interior architect from Metropolia UAS. Anna has an experimental and bold style, and always finds the best material and colour combos. Thanks to her past in design sales, Anna is adept at finding decorations to bring the finishing touch of soul to our designs.


p. 044 345 8099


Furniture Designer Samuli Helavuo

Samuli Helavuo

Furniture Designer


Samuli is a furniture designer and Master of Arts from the Lahti Institute of Design and Aalto University. Samuli is a thoughtful and versatile custom furniture pro, who is capable of bringing the wildest ideas to high-quality implementation. He is also known for his Hakola furniture.





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